New Recording Coming Spring/Summer 2021

Ya'll, I'm so excited to be working with Fred Blitzer and his team at Vital Studios in Grandview, Ohio for this next project! I wanted to have a dedicated page for pictures and progress and stuff. Also to give a little insight about the songs and overall tonality of this new recording.

As a songwriter I sometimes get stifled creatively and from experience I know that having a goal in mind, along with a timeline can be super helpful to get things done. My band and I had a Valentine's show coming up in a couple of months, and I really wanted to play a show of 'love' songs. Of all the songs I've written over the decades not many are love songs. Lot's of breakup songs; lots of hate songs; but I never really felt comfortable writing about "love", it just felt a little cliche. So I wrote some new love songs and gathered some other one's that have never been recorded and put together a killer Valentine's show at one of my favorite clubs in Columbus. After all, Valentine's Day is a perfect time to present such a collection.

And to be clear, they're not all icky, lovey, dovey, sickening sweet love songs, but songs about love. From the intense feels of euphoria and urgent, reckless madness of new lust, to the heartbreak and depression of a breakup and even the self-loathing, shame and foolishness I have felt looking back at a doomed relationship, these songs attempt to showcase some of the different feels associated with this complex - and overwhelming - emotion.

It's gonna be a heavy album with lot's of ups and downs. My acoustic guitar will be front and center, but with many textures and deep electronic undertones.  Some of the demos are below - and some are a little rough, but I wanted to give everyone a little peak into what's coming - I'll keep these up for a while, but will remove in a few weeks.

With all that in mind, below are some album titles I'm considering. If you have any thoughts, feel free to add a comment below!

    Valentine's Show at The Shrunken Head, Columbus, Ohio with the Jagged Hearts, Feb. 14, 2020 - Photo: Dan Mitchell

    Valentine's Show at The Shrunken Head, Columbus, Ohio with the Jagged Hearts, Feb. 14, 2020 - Photo: Dan Mitchell

    Album Title Ideas

    • Just Like Love 
    • Fuck Yeah, Love! 
    • Till Death Do Us Part 
    • I Love You I Hate You 
    • If There Was Such A Thing As Love 
    • It Feels Like a Miracle 
    • My Sweet, Sweet Cuddlebug
    • All The Feels

    Any comments on album title ideas?

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    • Mike M.
      Mike M. Columbus
      Fuck Yeah, Love!

      Fuck Yeah, Love!

    • Jean
      Jean Jacksonville, FL
      Fuck Yeah Love!! Go with that!! <3

      Fuck Yeah Love!! Go with that!! <3

    • Jackie
      Jackie Atlanta
      I like All the Feels

      I like All the Feels

    New Demos for 2021 Recording

    2021 Recording Demos

    Lydia Brownfield

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    Photos from the sessions

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