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  1. Against the Light

From the recording Against the Light


Round and round the light keeps
Shining moving me to chase you down
Squeeze these veins my heart is beating
Hard with fuel to make you love me

I’m the fool who keeps believing
You’re the one to save me from the
Violent flapping of my own wings
Don’t watch me beat myself to death

Against the light

Against the light that promised so much
Not with words but lullabies your
Swooning swaying dangling branches
My eyes reach but you’re too high.

Flying in and out of light and
Shadows calling me to sleep these
Battered wings I’ve carried on
My back for what feels like centuries

Against the light

Around and round this light I’m flying
Banging loudly into the night
Torn and broken, but not beaten
I will throw myself again, and again and again

Against the light