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  1. Broken

Featuring: Billy Zenn - Bass, Frank Lapinski - Drums, Jeff Dalrymple - Electric Guitar.


I know you like me broken and broken I've been
The words are never spoken but since you picked me up again
begun believing that I could maybe be someone
I know you like me broken so this might make you want to run.

I’m not so into sharing this secret I will keep
If I keep this one hidden it may insure that you’ll still love me
But now I know I’m changing but I don’t ever want to say
know how you like me broken don’t let me make you…

run away –away…….
But I’m not broken anymore

Tell me the story of when you found me black and blue
It seems to be so funny the lengths that I would go to
To keep insisting there’s nothing only darkness here
For feeling broken and wishing that I could just disappear

I know you like me broken but something’s happening
Don’t want to tell you cuz you just might think less of me
I’m now believing that I could have a reason here
Know I still wanna love you don’t wanna make you … Disappear

But I’m not broken anymore