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  1. Ghosts of You

From the recording Ghosts & Lovers

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This one is about losing someone - they are gone, but so many things are still there, either physical things or memories. I love the idea that physically, we're all separated only by time and space and that an infinite amount of universes exist so that in some other time/space that person still exists. It blows my mind.


I know you’ve come and gone but I still see the remnants of you here.
As big as the world is round the feeling is heavier still.
You can’t blame the setting sun for the darkness
Or be defied by the blind mans eyes
And you can’t blame me for the ghosts inside.

The sun it disappears taken by the night
Blindly, silent, floating, lonely satellite.

There’s only time and space creating our tapestry maze.
Breathing the wind and fire concealing your skeleton cage.
I can’t blame the sky above for the vastness
Because the most there is, is the least I fear
But the ghosts of you never disappear.

The one who breaks apart fracturing the bone
Brutal, quiet, changing, turning me to stone.

I can’t blame you and I can’t blame me
For hanging onto the ghosts keep haunting me.

The one who disappears slips outside of view
Wanting, blaming, needing all the ghosts of you.