Don't want to feel all the pressure
my mouth is dry as a bone
just want to be here and get higher
water my roots and let me grow

i keep this pilot burning
the one that fuels my fire
that keeps my world going round
and while this world keeps turning
i know i must be learning
something at least how to keep firmly planted in the ground

Hacking through all these weeds
to find the one who needs watering
i'm rationing
i feel and see my hunger that keeps me buried under
the earth but i believe my roots are coming loose.

am i planted
planted am i
in need of roots and water
am i starving losing roots and water

Don't want to worry about one day drowning
cracking under so much pressure mounting
don't want to worry about what you're thinking
but i'll be anyone to keep from sinking
back down, back down, back down into the ground.